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Originally Posted by Fundguy1 View Post
I'm not shorting it yet, but I'm not alone in my concerns. Can Tesla overcome loosing subsidies, higher overall cost including cost of fuel, less convenience, and the general publics comfort level with their ICE vehicles to make them mainstream and break out of the >1% ev market share? We will see. I drove for 8 hours yesterday. Saw 1 ev all day. It's a big bet.
I feel like that's a big misconception.

I drive 100 miles/day, every week day. As a result, I go to the gas station 3 times/week. That's a HUGE inconvenience. It's also gross-- it smells bad, I have to touch things other people touch. And that's before even mentioning paying for it.

Beyond that, I sit in traffic in the afternoon for ~20 min each day. It's annoying. My life would be better (more convenient) if I could just put the car in auto pilot and watch youtube.

Not to mention the upcoming convenience being able to get out of your car at the door and sending the car to park itself, and then picking you up later, when you go somewhere without any good parking options.

I'm not one for tech for the sake of tech. I don't plan to ever buy any ICE cars with any of the following:
automatic trans of any type

Why? Because they make for a worse experience than the cars I have (for what I care about) and offer no compelling values/features that I desire in exchange.

The Tesla I find very tempting. It does/will do a ton of things that I'd actually find useful/beneficial/convenient. It still is sacrificing the driving experience, but modern ICE cars already do that for me either way. Unlike modern ICE cars, it offers a real and compelling benefit in exchange.

The only time I see it being less convenient is on a long road trip. Superchargers go a long way to alleviate that.