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These things are really nothing new. Back when I was at sea they would pretty regularly close on my ship with Migs and Bears. Our fleet was so good that I can’t recall a time where they weren’t ‘escorted’ by a Tomcat or a Phantom. Our carriers jets would gather ‘intel’ on them the same way. Our warships alway kept miles between each other, I never saw one within 4 or 5 NM I would guess.
On the other hand we would quietly track a Soviet sub without them knowing we were on top of them and give them a blast of our active sonar. We had them spit diversion cans on two occasions and try to scram out of the area at flank speed.
It was the Cold War era.

This recent event of the run up on one of our ships takes it to the next level though, ships that close together at speed, in moving seas and not communicating with each could have went south pretty damn quick. Two armed( maybe with specials) fast ships colliding with each other is a recipe for bad outcome and maybe escalation. They’re testing us and it’s not a smart move on their part.
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