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Originally Posted by scoobysaurus View Post
+1. Soft tops don't stand a chance in the harsh weather of the Middle East. Even late model Bentleys look like they're covered in rags out of a refugee camp after a few years under the sun. I've had an e89 and would love to get the new Z4 if some aftermarket company comes up with a hardtop solution. IMO soft tops are designed with western markets in mind and have no place in emerging markets.

You see at least 20 4 series convertibles for every C/E-class or A5 convertible and at least 10 californias for every bentley GTC or aston volante here in Dubai.
Since BMWs are made in Europe... they are engineered for most of the world. If you live on the artic pole or in the middle of the Sahara desert or the desert in Dubai... then make your selections accordingly.

I live in Texas.. which has likely the second harshest weather of the 50 states (Arizona worst? ) .. We get some cold temps which can get below zero a few times a year and the temps can be as hot as 40-45 C (104-113 F ). in those temp ranges.. the BMW soft top works very well and can certainly last for a decade or more with no issues if reasonably cared for.

My daughter's 2004 325 has been an outdoor car the past 4 years and the top is in great condition. Her prior 2001 similarly had no issues up to 225K miles when I sold it.

The folding metal roof is nice.. but BMWs are already weight challenged, and the competition also has a soft top. The complexity of the folding roof makes it a painful experience sometimes for those in hail prone areas as most convertible trim shops will decline to work on it and recommend the car got to a dealer where the labor rates will be astronomical.