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Originally Posted by scoobysaurus View Post
You are aware that SL's cost more than even the 7 series and go beyond $200k, right? The M6 competes with the SL550 in terms of price, and not for long since this new generation is reported to have an E63 coupe as a direct competitor to the M6. The i8 goes right against the GTS in terms of price - somewhere between an SL550 and an SL63. The Z4 is an SLK competitor and any potential Z5/Z6 roadster would be perfect to take on the F-type range at about $70-120k.

IMO the closest SL competitor from BMW was the Z8 and that car needs to make a comeback!! A future Z8 M with the S63tu under its long hood to take on the GTS/SL63 and a $200k+ Z8 M60i to take on the SL65 would be awesome. A BMW fan can dream right?
I like where you're going here... but may I suggest, while we're resurrecting the Z8, also resurrecting the S65? If BMW literally did nothing more than drop an S65 in the original Z8, wedge the M4 interior in there... and slapped a low six-figure price on it, it'd sell.