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Originally Posted by See5 View Post
The S-Class is always going to push the limits so I think the new layout fits.

If the reception by customers is good, I can see many others moving to a similar, lower-cost UI in the near future.

As for the exterior, people have been saying Mercedes have looked like Hyundais for years. Do I agree? No, its a lazy comparison especially since Hyundai/Kia has made a concerted effort to apply Germanic design features to their higher end cars over the past decade plus.
I don't think it's a lazy comparison. It really does resemble a Genesis from the front end especially. That said as you say Hyundai has been stealing German designs for years now so eventually there was no way for the Germans to change or evolve their designs without it possibly crossing into the territory of the copycats that have been basing their designs on the same German cars. When it comes to styling there's only so much you can do that hasn't been before. IMO the new 3 series features the best taillights on a BMW in some time. Some people complain it looks like a Lexus but to me it's worth it to have a better look.