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Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post
Maybe some of you have not yet seen the official and final spec photos?
Here ya go. Notice the "Yacht" influence...
This looks like they are trying hard to use lighting to distract you from the emptiness of the interior. The door cards are ok but there is just nothing appealing about that console.

One gets the feeling they observed very carefully how Tesla got away with their phoned-in interior and now that the bar has been lowered they will gladly follow suit for the sake of improving their margins.

Given the competitiveness of the industry it's understandable. They don't need to make it very beautiful, they just need to make it slightly more beautiful than the current competition. Although some other competitors have more beautiful interiors. And I'm not entirely sure why they seem to be tactically positioning their interior so close to the Model 3 since it is arguably not a direct competitor. I can only guess they either feel like they are losing a lot of market share to them and/or savings on eliminating switchgear must be astronomical