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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
I grew up riding and driving a Mercedes and our family have gone through a lot of them.
As far as I can remember, we had 280C, 450SEL, 190E, 500SL, CLK430 cabriolet, C240, SLK280, C300, CLA250 and finally E400 cabriolet and GLC300

They used to feel like a vault and when you sit inside, it felt special. (with the exception of 190E of course. That was a piece of crap)

These days a Mercedes feel more delicate and fragile. Even the $80K E400 doesn't feel quite as special. It's still a fantastic vehicle mind you.

Granted, a Mercedes has gotten less expensive and you could see the cost cutting measures. You won't see titanium grille slats on a new one like you would a 500SL. Not that it does anything for the vehicle but WOW! How's that for attention to details.

Perhaps I was seeing older Mercedes with rose colored glass from my childhood. Which audience is Daimler targeting these S class and high end sedans? Millennials?

Do I have to sit on the front porch and yell "get off my lawn?"
Am I just getting too old for the new Mercedes?
I think you are. I could understand if you were talking about the late 90's/early 2000's era were both Porsche and Mercedes tried to right size their cost structures with very mixed results but modern Mercedes in the C-Class and up range are built to a high standard especially the higher up S/SL/GT AMG/etc.

They aren't tank like my granddad's old W140 CL600 but they are still more solid and well made relative to the competition.