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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Not much of an F1 historian then?
McLaren 7 wins total points 378
Mercedes 1 win total points 142
Niki Lauda convinced Hamilton to switch to a far less competitive team.
HAM said in an interview a few years back (Google it and you'll find it) that it wasn't about Niki and it wasn't about Ron. But since Niki died, as usual, he changed his mind and said it's because of him.
No I'm not a historian but I'm also not a fangirl idolizing the great HAM. He left McLaren when they were on the decline. XIX and Eccelstone played a big part of it because McLaren's rules didn't allow him to self-promote. Mercedes offered much more money, is one of only 2 works teams, was able to offer him more leeway with XIX and his sidegigs, and F1 was entering a new rules overhaul and Ferrari and RedBull had no interest in him.

What about talks of him going to Ferrari? As far as I know he, and his fangirl base, say that Ferrari is the faster car. How's that a challenge? Or is he just jumping ship?

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