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Originally Posted by ksfrogman View Post
How did Easter ever get a bunny in it? And what's up with the eggs? Rabbits don't lay eggs.
There has been a lot said and written about the Easter Bunny and eggs. It seems to all be related to fertility.

Ishtar had something to do with an ancient religion that observed a holiday around the time of Resurrection Sunday.

When people of different religions convert, often they still want to enjoy the same holidays. The meaning of the holiday changes. They still get the time off.

Those who observe Easter for the bunnies and eggs, when they become a Christian, those things are generally recognized as a false relationship to Christ.

It's like with Christmas. Although St. Nickolas was a good Catholic priest, or monk, or something, secular tradition morphed him into Santa Claus. Then came the reindeer and elves. Especially as a child, all this is great fun with the gifts under the tree.

Once a Christian, these things may pass in their value. The nativity is the real deal. Read the gospel according to Luke.
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