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This all boils down to motivation and how that's affected by nutrition. (See also: Vicious circle)

An hour or so after a carb heavy meal earlier this week, I went out and set 4 Personal Records (PRs) on a course I ride all the time. After 20 miles, I felt like I could go 20 more. I tried the same course today on fewer carbs and zonked out after 16 miles. I was seriously disappointed in myself (I had planned on 33 or even 48 miles), but I was toast after 16. I attribute that to a poor choice of intake prior to the ride. Nutrition and exercise are inextricably linked.

If you fuel poorly, you'll feel like crap and lose motivation. You need to avoid that quicksand.

(Personal disclosure: I know I need to balance intake vs effort, but I'm lousy at it.)

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