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Всем привет ;)

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I've done 455x3 on deadlift at the end of February (reset on every rep) and that's when I decided to try tap-n-go deadlifts and the carry over is great. Hit 495 for an easy single back in may (I've had it in me for a while but I go easy on 1rms), and today I hit 455x5. Well, technically it was 4.5 because halfway through the last rep the clip fell off and plates started falling off the barbell lol. But I would have locked it out. If things keep going this way, I should have 5.5 plates by end of year.

Best squat so far is 375, might try 385 this week depending on how I feel. Shoud hit 4 plates by end of year.
Best bench is 260 a few months back. Trying to get to 275 this year.

Body weight is 180-183.

I'm on Wendler Beyond 531.