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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
Think an HMO is a possibility at a grand a month each, or as a pair?

For reference:

73M, history of heart attack, bypass surgery at 60.
69F, history of breast cancer and diabetes.
Hard to say, but that would likely be the only feasible avenue for someone with medical needs. I did see some HMO plans for $700 - $800 / mo. for the 2 of us, but we are approximately 20 years younger and not interested in changing providers or driving 20+ miles if we need a hospital. Technically, while their age will be a significant factor, I don't think the medical history is supposed to affect rates but that may not apply to someone moving to the U.S. or of a typical Medicare age, but not eligible for Medicare. Not really sure. Other than asking if we smoke(d) I haven't really seen any previous health care questions in the forms / applications I have completed.
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