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I think someone on Reddit made a pretty decent argument:
His story makes absolutely no sense.

He claims he was attacked outside a Subway at 2am on one of the coldest nights of the year (was around -20 degrees that night) by two random people while he was talking to his manager on his phone. These two random people happened to be carrying a noose and bleach with them, and shouted "this is MAGA country" while attacking him. He chooses not to report this to the police, until 45 minutes later when he returns to his hotel and a friend convinces him to report it.

This starts to fall apart in many different ways. First, there was no physical sign of an attack (except for the noose) and even his sandwich remained perfectly intact. Despite his own statement to the police that he did not want to report the crime until almost an hour later when a friend convinced him, when the police arrived he was still wearing the noose. He told the police that he didn't take it off because he wanted to preserve evidence of a crime he didn't want to report in the first place until he was convinced to do so almost an hour later. This makes no sense. While Smollett was off camera for a few minutes, there was no one coming or going from that area captured by the surrounding cameras.

It also happened to occur in one of the most camera-intensive areas of Chicago. Despite the police reviewing hundreds of hours of footage for an event could have only occurred within a few minutes time frame, they could not find anyone at all that even remotely resembled the described suspects. It's not like it was hard to pick them out in a crowd, it was 2am in Chicago in -20degree weather; the streets were barren. There was absolutely no one walking around carrying rope and bleach at that time in the surrounding area. Literally the only 2 people the police could find on the cameras were two black men who could not possibly be the suspects from Smollett's description.

Further, since it was -20degrees outside, anybody outside would be wearing heavy winter clothing. It's pretty hard to imagine (but not impossible) that two hardcore MAGA supporters would recognize a c-list celebrity (who normally lives in California, so not a local) that was bundled in winter clothes from Empire. Not only that, but they recognized him while carrying bleach and rope at 2am walking around random streets in Chicago.
Now until the Chicago Police Department formally states that the he made up the story, I'm not jumping on the "he made it up" bandwagon just yet, but goddamnit... it sure does look like he's full of shit.

EDIT: Also the fact that he's not very forthcoming with his phone records doesn't exactly help his case either.
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