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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
There are already countless international formal inquiries on those events with way more influential means.
I'm sure that if a reporter gets deep inside information in his hands regarding those events they won't be hesitant to publish it and then give it to the appropriate authorities. I don't understand how this is a comparison to the Assange case.

So the fact that there are worse countries that commit known human right crimes makes it right what the US government does?
How is the argument that elswhere in the world worse things happen a good and relevant excuse for what happens in this case? What's the logic behind that?

If being an asshole was a legit reason to put someone in jail, 99% of the politicians would be in jail.
He might be a narcissist jerk, but he's pale in comparison to the most powerful man on earth, both of them btw.
Where in these posts have I said this excuses the US in any way (I said the exact opposite as a matter of fact) or where have I said being an asshole was a legitimate reason to put him in jail? You’ll get no argument from me about the other two assholes you are talking about, but .

Funny Trump was singing his/Wikileaks praises all through the campaign etc and then claims to not know of Wikileaks. Put him in a long line of people used by him then discarded when he is no longer of use to him.

It goes to you and others saying the US has zero reason to arrest the guy or that he is a hero and just a journalist. Give me a break. Yes, the US has been and is still doing horrible things. But, at least he has due process in the US and a chance to defend himself against said charges.

Did you guys really think the US and others wouldn’t fight back?

Edit: It isn’t a comparison, but it goes against he is just a journalist crap and not a willing participant in certain political movements etc.