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Originally Posted by xQx View Post
Yeah, you're right.

For some reason, after he'd been trapped by the US government in a flat in london, the guy got pretty single-minded about publishing stuff that was damaging to the US government.

Despite my belief that he should never see the inside of a US courtroom unless he stupidly travels to the USA by his own free will; I think he did meddle with a foreign election (yours), and he should've got kicked out of the ecuadorian embassy for a whole host of good reasons.

But before he was locked in the Embassy, Wikileaks was a leak publishing website that provided a secure way for anybody in any organisation to blow the lid off secret criminal behaviour of their employer.

They published information from a whole bunch of countries and commercial organisations before they got their 'big break' with the US Cables and NSA files.

Some of us think the world needs a service like that. Especially since we're all quite comfortable (or complacent) about government agencies monitoring our every behavior - it'd be nice to have a way to keep the bastards honest.

Obviously, the US Government thinks the world needs to not have a service like that. The UK, Australian and Swedish governments either agree, or want to keep their US counterparts happy. ... And they've collectively made a very good example of Julian Assange, which should discourage anybody from ever wanting to launch Wikileaks 2.

If you're interested, it'd pay to read this document - explaining how the US Government should best address the "wikileaks threat".
I read a good portion of it and found it interesting that many in WikiLeaks are not happy about Assange derailing the original mission. Instead choosing to basically take on/focus mainly on the US.

I agree the world needs an organization like this. But the key word being the world.

My personal feelings about Assange aside, I do think he will get a fair trial and it isnít necessarily a forgone conclusion heíll be convicted. But, I do think it is odd that he pushed Manning so hard for info knowing full well what happen when Manning was caught. Then walks away free to go try and get somebody else to put themselves at great risk for more info. But, that is the game unfortunately.

Last, I really donít think Sweden is a part of this and I really do think they legitimately are investigating if a rape occurred. Why people dismiss the rape/sexual assault allegations so quickly is curious to me. Strangely had he gone to Sweden I think they might have resisted the USís extradition attempt much more than the U.K.