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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
You aren’t actually serious with this post are you? Russia doesn’t need a WikiLeaks? Second to China they are the ones most badly in need of such a type of organization. Please show me these big releases that have had the same impact/importance as the ones against the West/US.
You still dont get it what wikileaks is about.
Everyone knows what type of horrors are at play in russia, china etc.
We have countless intelligence agencies at work to uncover that.
A russian or chinese only has to read the western news to read what aweful things happen in their own countries.
And you can hardly call those countries democracies.

The point of wikileaks is to investigate and uncover what things are done by organisations/governments that are completely formed legally/democratically and for which they didnt get a mandate.

Really, you have the wrong idea about what the goal or idea of wikileaks is.

And the fact that you are baffled by that there are no chinese or NK or whatever documents only states that.

Its not about how many crimes and authrocities are commited in a country, but its about informing the electorate how many crimes and authrocities are comitted by organisations formed by that electorate and for which they lack the mandate.
Its about finding the non free aspects of the free world.
Finding the non free aspects in a dictatorship is well... carrying coals to Newcastle.

Until you understand this we are indeed far apart in our thinking but I understand why there are no chinese documents on wikileaks and you dont.
And its not because they favour china and think china is such a fine country or something like that.
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