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Originally Posted by xQx View Post
From what I read at the time, the rape charges were what most people would call statutory rape, or minor offences which wouldn't be called "rape" in many countries- and were based on very weak evidence to begin with. One of the charges were dropped and the girl basically said she didn't care, or on reflection it was consensual, and of course there were rumors that the girls had been pressured by external forces to press charges to begin with.

So it makes sense that once the 'external forces' realized they couldn't get him to Sweden using that mechanism, or now didn't need to get him to Sweden because they could get him directly from the UK, the charges would be dropped.

I think the boy should've gone to Sweden to face rape charges. That's exactly what extradition is for. If they were bullshit charges then that's an issue for the Swedish court to determine.

But I do think he was legitimately scared about US extradition from Sweden - it's not rational to imprison yourself in a flat for 6 years to avoid spurious charges that are likely to lead to a 12 - 36 month sentence anyway.
People make miscalculations all the time. Assange knew he was poking the bear (a big ass one) and backed himself into a corner. Or in this case a country that would most assuredly extradite him much faster than another would.

As for the rape/sexual assault charges we will just have to disagree until further info comes out anyway.