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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
I think thats a bit far fetched.
It would mean that every journalist in europe/US would shit its pants to write stuff about china/russia.
And thats not really the case. They are all waiting in line to publish whatever they can get their hands on.
Otherwise we wouldn't read anything about russia and china in the papers, and thats not true.
Do you hear yourself? It’s farfetched for China or Russia to just kill/imprison dissidents or enemies of the state? Wow........

It’s one thing to write a story about something happening in Russia and China. It’s an entirely different level to work with a spy stealing classified state secrets and posting the original source material/documents/videos etc.

As for your previous theory, I posted WikiLeaks mission statement to you and you ignored it. In it they said they’ve never revealed a source (maybe they didn’t, but sources have been revealed). They claim to be way more secure than any other media outlet and virtually guarantee anonymity. So according to them your Chinese national would have a lot more luck with them than WaPo or Det Spiegel etc.

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