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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
Do you hear yourself? It’s farfetched for China or Russia to just kill/imprison dissidents or enemies of the state? Wow........
In the US?
When does that happen? When was a journalist killed in the US by the russians or chinese?!?

It’s one thing to write a story about something happening in Russia and China. It’s an entirely different level to work with a spy stealing classified state secrets and posting the original source material/documents/videos etc.
And where do you think journalist get that info to write a unique story?
You think they meet in secret in that windy corner on the Tiananmen Square?
It gets mailed to a mailbox from the newspaper. simple as that.

As for you previous theory, I posted WikiLeaks mission statement to you and you ignored it. In it they said they’ve never revealed a source (maybe they didn’t, but sources have been revealed). They claim to be way more secure than any other media outlet and virtually guarantee anonymity. So according to them your Chinese national would have a lot more luck with them than WaPo or Det Spiegel etc.
I know what the mission statement says.
A chinese national could upload to wikileaks, but he could just as wel give it to any western newspaper. You think the chinese are going to murder the complete newspaper staff? If one journalist writes the piece it doesnt mean a chinese dissident mailed it to him and that journalist helped smuggle out stuff or what. Its all digital and goes to a mailbox from the newspaper. The chinese government can't put any pressure on that (the complete newspaper company) but a western government could if it would be classified documents.

Really, I dont think Assange is afraid of the chinese or russians. Not as long as he doesn't go to those countries, and he probably wouldnt, that would be stupid.
He's anti-establishment, so probably even more anti russian and anti china than anti-US

Also I dont think that fear would prevent Assange of doing something. He has spend years in hiding, and never stopped with wikileaks.
If he was a fearful man he would have stopped years ago and struck a deal in secret with the US government, but he has been a constant pest to them for all those years..

3rd possiblility is of course that nothing comes out of china and russia and that there is nothing to report. That nobody uploads anything to wikileaks from those parts.
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