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Like it or not, President Trump is expert at selling his toxic, destructive "brand" - his story, and on his terms. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama understood the importance of narrative too; that's why they connected so well and each served two terms. I have yet to see a possible Democratic candidate for 2020 who understands the importance of narrative, emotion, and personal connection. In a certain way, story matters more than strategy

IMHO, the ideal candidate to run against Donald Trump will be a person who can display righteous anger, counter-punch like crazy, make pleas for bipartisanship, have excellent well-reasoned policy proposals, and quote facts and statistic all day long, and none of it will put her or him in the White House. The ONLY thing that matters in an election to many (if not most) people, are the stories the candidates tell and the emotions they evoke and how well those candidates connect both those things to the people they talk to. The candidate really has to excite the voters and not be perceived as "the lesser of two evils", the way many voters viewed the two choices back in Nov. 2016.

Whoever President Trump's opponent will be in 2020, above all, this person needs to tell a compelling story why she or he will make a better president than Trump, a story about values and about American history and why other countries have historically looked up to us. That candidate needs to run on common-sense ideas like protecting Social Security and Medicare, protecting Americans against predatory Wall Street banks and credit card companies and social media companies and having sensible ideas to further increase job opportunities in both urban and rural areas alike.


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