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IMHO, the ideal presidential candidate that the Democrats should nominate in 2020 has to embody the following traits, values, beliefs and characteristics:

1. Be a fresh face, honest, passionate, likeable and charismatic personality.
2. Be authentic and believable.
3. Has to be able to withstand the cruelty of Trump and have a great comeback lines.
4. Has to defend the natural environment in our country and off shore.
5. Acknowledge our country’s responsibility to address global climate change.
6. Highlight the advantages of being closely allied with our historically allied nations
7. Embrace multiculturalism and respect the rights of women and gays.
8. Be someone who will energize the youth and minority vote.
9. Develop positions that appeal to working class Americans.
10. Stop focusing on raising taxes and talk more about raising wages.
11. Will strengthen our border controls and push for a sound immigration policy.
12. Embrace a living minimum wage of $15/hour, as part of a tightened immigration policy.
13. Outline a plan to save and strengthen the Medicare and Social Security programs.
14. Have a major national program to repair or replace our aging infrastructure system(s).
15. Reestablish economic ties and fair-trade deals with our neighbors and allies.
16. Be a smart campaigner who will visit battleground areas in electoral college swing states.
17. If possible, have served honorably in the U.S. military, (unlike Trump….)
18. Not have a sense of entitlement of being POTUS.

What the Democrat presidential candidate cannot have is:

- Much of a history with the tired, corrupt Democratic party
- Cannot have a heart of gold that’s going to save the world’s poor
- Cannot play to the extreme, or placate or patronize.
- Cannot come off as calculating and ambitious
- Cannot be a Republican masquerading as a Democrat.


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