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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post two picks would probably be:
- Mike Pence
- Ben Shapiro

Why - Mike is nicely conservative. He'll piss off a bunch with his religious views, but I'm quite ok with them. And I don't think he'll mouth off on Twitter, and honestly probably could be good for America.


Basically, I think that Pence is a nut-less white nationalist evangelical Christian who believes in the literal interpretation of the Bible.

Pence has willingly accepted his role as Trump's Bitch Boy..., in return for having significant influence in the White House, from the selection of Cabinet Members to Supreme Court Justices. As a result, Pence has demonstrated absolute deference to Trump and who will constantly and continually, obediently serve his master as his deputy and demonstrate a willingness to suffer indignity and humiliation at Trump's direction, as well as Trump's lack of respect for him.

Clearly, Pence has slyly played it both ways by being Trump's echo chamber trumpeter on some issues, while remaining conspicuously silent and in the background on other controversial issues. Pence is not stupid. I think he is actually very smart, as well as very calculating, playing the long game for the benefit of his political future. He understood that serving as Trump's VP would rescue his political career and potentially position himself to be the Republican front runner once Trump is out of office. He has also played his cards right so far, to position himself as a survivor if and/or when Trump ultimately goes down, for whatever reason.

Pence's history in politics involves various statements and proposed programs to implement far-right wing conservative, often racist and/or discriminatory policies, including racial segregation in schools, under the guise of religious convictions. Pence, along with his wife, support LGBTQ conversion therapy. He is definitely out of touch with the beliefs and desires of the majority of mainstream Americans. As you can probably guess, I do not support any of that.

Pence epitomizes those hypocritical Evangelical Christians (EC's), who support Donald Trump. He has not and will never acknowledge the disconnect between EC's political activity and the various biblical mandates and themes that contradict that said activity. It is striking to me that Pence and the majority of EC's support Trump, regardless of all of Trump's lying, infidelities, multiple marriages, multiple sexual assault and harassment allegations, ugly comments about immigrants, petty and vindictive insults thrown at anyone who dares to criticize him, etc.... Incredibly, none of that matters to him (or them). Apparently, for most EC's, they prefer Trump over what is best for all Americans.

IMHO, Pence is a better human being that Donald Trump, measured on most accounts. But a President Pence, would most likely be unbearable, creating a theocracy, with his EC fundamentalist faith, not reflecting the beliefs of the majority of Americans today. While I think Pence would be much more sane, (thankfully) and continue to practice his shrewd political savvy compared to Trump, at the end of the day, that would, in all likelihood, make him more dangerous to the secular beliefs of our country, as well as to the continuing trend for acceptance and tolerance of those not like us.

Hate to break it to you but ECs and many many people (enough to get him elected) think Trump is best for this country.

Be prepared to grab a tissue because come 2020 he will be elected once again.

Just out of curiosity how do you know what the beliefs of a majority of Americans are? Just because they are YOUR beliefs doesn't make them the beliefs of a majority of Americans
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