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Originally Posted by Mingwan View Post
What a cute dick swinging contest.

Had to leave the Tesla forums a bit. Nothing more nauseating than a bunch of mid 30 to 40 yr old silicon-valleymen circle jerking over ring times. Reminds of the GTR days.

Im a bit more trusting of Porsche, but Id really love to see the Taycan and P100D go at it by an independent reviewer. Would make for a great shitfling fest with either result.
Oh god, the Tesla forums are one of the worsts places in the world to be. They love their cars far too much, whenever someone says something critical, they're called a troll, and are ridiculed and insulted by every member on the forum. I remember someone said their Model 3 randomly died in the middle of the highway, and everyone was saying he was a troll for posting a thread about it, despite the OP simply asking for help and wondering whether this was a situation/problem for other owners. Some of their members are seriously brain washed into Elon Musk's cult.
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