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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
My wife wanted me to "re-do" the wooden trash can in the kitchen. I sanded everything down to bare pine, then stained and sealed it. Red Oak isn't supposed to be almost black. While the top lid (what I see the most) actually showed some nice grain, the sides I could have almost just painted with black lacquer and just been done with it. When I removed the wooden ball handle, there was this layer of stuff that I had to chisel off, I think this may have belonged to her mom originally. YEARS of grubby hands, and the size of the ball such that you had to touch the lid to grasp it. A nice new metallic handle really offsets that grain.

I spent the last couple days sorta cruising around some of the lesser neighborhoods, looking for something like a coffee table to refinish sitting by a curb
Pics of said designated bin of refuse?