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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
I didn't say insurance companies, I said a civil suit. Just because both drivers knew the risks doesn't mean one wasn't careless/reckless/distracted and/or incompetent. What if they were driving with worn-down tires, knowing that they should change them, but thought "I can get one more lap"?
If it could be reasonably expected that the crash could have been avoided, the guy probably has a civil case. If not, like steering suddenly failed prior, some other car created a situation they had to react to, etc., then no. If someone like that has $$$, they most certainly have $$$ for a lawyer. Would it be worth it? Well, it's a multi-million dollar car...

I'm just reacting to the post above that says "I don't see how the porsche driver could be sued". I can see how they could be sued. Doesn't mean they would automatically win, but if they could prove with a preponderance of evidence the above, then they have a case.
I think the case would be dismissed. Both drivers knew the risks of taking their vehicles on the race track, regardless of its meant for the track. Too many variables. We don't really have much info about the event do we? Was it a session for everyone? Was it only a session for advanced track drivers?
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