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I have this habit. My last 3 GF have been long distance. In all fairness, the one before my current was living right next to me when I met her - like our patios almost touched which was great.......till she took a great job an hour away. Luckily it was in a town that my parents and sister lived in, so I had a tie to it already and we made it work for a few years.

My current lives in another state, but she has family in the same town I have a farm with a house on it, so we meet there for weekends when we can and I make the trip to her house when we can't. She wants out of her state when her last kid clears highschool in a few years, so she was looking to come back this way anyway.

The Z4, while a fun NOT a great 3 hour drive cars for sure. I've contemplated sending it down the road for a more comfy cruiser, but the X5 does well in the mean time.

LD dating is not for the faint of heart or those that can't handle solitude. LOL
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