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Originally Posted by anglo View Post
And The chinese and Burisma got nuffin in return for the millions they spent on the Bidens! Lol

Can you tell me again why Joe got the prosecutor investigating his son and the company he worked for fired?

It. Was. Official. US. Foreign. Policy.

It was done 100% in the open. For all to see. Joe has certainly made no secret of it since then.

Most/all of the G7 countries AND the International Monetary Fund wanted Shokin gone. Why? Because he wasn't actually investigating corruption.

If this was Joe doing his son a favor, that's even more reason to elect him because he seems to be able to bend all of Western Europe to his will.

What did China get in return for their investment in Paradigm? If this is such a no-brainer, the list should be long and easily identified. Right?