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Originally Posted by hooligan_COLD View Post
Again, the direct family members of the rich and powerful getting positions they are wholly unqualified for is not out of the ordinary - look no further than Jared being put in charge of the Middle East negotiations for evidence of that.

Hunter getting a job is not evidence of any wrongdoing by Joe.

Just like Don Jr. having his picture taken with those two Ukrainians that got arrested isn't evidence of him or his daddy doing anything wrong, per se.

I've taken pictures with lots of people I've never discussed business with.

You're seeing evidence where there isn't any, frankly.
Jared is not making money working at the White House, he got the job because Trump trusts his judgment, he's a bright guy!
Not a drug addict!

Jared took a pay cut, these arent the career politicians you're used to.

Trump represents what the founding fathers wanted. Citizen statesmen. Most of the founding fathers were rich before they got into politics.

The Bidens made millions selling influence to the Chinese and Ukrainians!