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Originally Posted by vreihen16 View Post
Every American needs to take a Caribbean cruise to realize how close the third world is to us.

The most interesting port that I've visited on a cruise was Belize. Went to see a Mayan pyramid at a national park, which required crossing a small river on a hand-cranked ferry. The pyramid is right next to the border with Guatemala, and the park is patrolled by armed Belize soldiers. Our tour guide told us to stay away from the tree line along the western edge of the park, since it was at the Guatemala border and it was possible that us Americans could be kidnapped by Guatemalans for ransom which is why Belize had soldiers patrolling. They also had permanent checkpoints at every entry/exit from the capital, and they even did a walk-through of our bus going out and again when we came back. Never felt like we were in danger, but it was enough to make me keep my eyes open the entire time just in case.

If anyone thinks that the Caribbean is like the gated resorts of Sandals and Club Med, I suggest taking a tour outside of their fences for a real eye-opener. Jamaica - Once you go, you get the fsck out of there and never go back!!!!!
I will never go back to Jamaica. It was crazy!