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Took me around 15 or so years to pay off $100k in law school debt. The sacrifices I had to make, and the hours I had to work to get that done were not easy. Thus, it's hard for me to have sympathy.

With that being said however, I agree 100% that college tuition is a complete scam. As well, nobody seemed to have a problem with the Fed bailing out the stock market, housing market, automobile industry, on and on and on. The reason why so many people get to crow these days like they're some kind of super investor is because the Fed bailed their asses out (and are still doing it to the tune of almost one billion a day recently). They're not smart, they're not good investors, THE FED BAILED THEIR ASSES OUT. Take away the helicopter money and you and your big brained 401k are bust and you're working into your 80s.

Thus, if you've reaped the benefits of this bogus stock market for the past ten plus years, or enjoyed the rising value of your home which is funded by more Fed bubbles and bail outs, then perhaps you should think just a bit longer about being so hard on young people who are young and stupid, and got hooked by career criminals into a life of debt servitude.

Just saying.