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Originally Posted by grocerylist View Post
I had loans but also got Pell grants that subsidized much of the interest while I was still in school. I only owed about $20k but when I consolidated my loans at 3% interest, I made sure to only make the minimum payments which was less than $150/month for 15 years and invest whatever else in a total market fund. Thankfully I graduated before Bush Jr opened the flood gates on student loan interest rates.
My parents made too much for me to get any need based grants, and the loans I was offered through my university were unsubsidized. It's crazy how many kids lack the understanding of how money and loans work... It's like they don't know they'll have to pay it back.

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the most awkward thing to say to anyone. I just walk away. do people not have any pride
Yeah, it's not worth my time to even rebuttal to that. I usually just quickly end the conversation and carry on with whatever I'm doing.