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Originally Posted by Conissah View Post
Little rant here. As someone who just turned 23 and graduated with my BS less than a year ago, I cannot tell you how absolutely annoying and infuriating it is to listen to my "peers" complain about their student loans. I just started a new job (2nd big boy job after graduating), and I've been hearing talk about the "Orange BMW" outside. Everyone seemed extremely shocked when they found out it was driven by the new guy. I even had some people ask what my parents did, "mockingly" of course. My response is always "I just spend my money poorly" because I don't want to get into a huge argument about money.

What I really want to tell them is how I worked my ass off, graduated a semester early, put myself through school by paying out of pocket, lived in the shittiest and cheapest apartments I could find, held multiple jobs, slaved away during the summers saving as much money as I possibly could working 80-90 hours a week, and went to literally 0 school events or parties. Even when I go out and see people I haven't seen in months or years, their typical response is "must be nice." I don't know what the fuck is up with everyone nowadays (not just the younger generation), but for whatever reason everyone is so damn entitled to everything. God forbid someone work hard or get lucky; if you don't like where you are at in your life, change it!

They can't even comprehend it - so why bother? They'd just think you were lying and are $500K in debt. I know many people with much high degrees than me maybe even making more money than me that are living pay check to pay check. Either you know how to manage money or you do not.

They also have no clue. I have an old Z4 I bought and massaged back to life and get the "comments" too - I always go "yeah - it's 15 years old and is worth about $7K - you could by 7 of them with the money you dropped on that brand new Chevy silverado you just bought and will be making payments on for 8 years."

The concept of buying car with cash in hand after you have saved for it and even paying off a house loan is foreign to them. They were taught debt is a part of life. If they can afford the monthly payments - then they are living within their means - even if they are saving zero.

It's sad. The end result will be a call for raiding 401Ks/retirement plans or taxing the hell out of them because too many were too stupid to save now and play later. Those of us that sacrificed then to play more now will lose out to those who already played and now want us to foot the bill for them to play.

My ex GF got her masters in PA - a degree you are NOT allowed to work during your last 2 years or you will be expelled - and came out of school $12,000 in total debt. It can be done. But too many want that 4 years to be a never ending party with no work and live off the tab - but the tab always comes due.

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