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Originally Posted by Pixel8ed View Post
It is a great flash overview. It skips over way to many details. It would have made a better limited series show.
I would love to see the commercial success of Ford v Ferrari (and Rush before it) kick off some quality anthology series on motorsports. So many great stories you could elaborate on across 6 to 8 one hour episodes.

What I loved about the Ford v Ferrari movie was the focus on Ken Miles' story. I coulda seen more there, but I liked the way they focussed on his story. Such a tragedy he was robbed of the triple crown.

Originally Posted by Matt@EuroJerks View Post
The 24hr war on Netflix is great also.
I really enjoyed this as well. Very good documentary.

Originally Posted by MrSmartyPants View Post
There is also another movie or documentary on Shelby on Netflix right now too. WAY more detail than Ford vs Ferrari.
I think you are referring to Shelby American, a documentary about Carrol Shelby. I enjoyed that as well. That same production company makes some good motorsports documentaries.

I saw Ford v Ferrari with my 10 yrd old daughter, IMAX screen, and DBox seats (they rumble and move with the movie). The seats are a gimmick, but are kinda fun for a movie like this.