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Come on guys. This is racing and yes, it's very dangerous.

Very sad to lose such a young guy but this was in many ways a rare accident.
An extra chicane in Eau Rouge (and Pouhon? and Blanchimont?) would spoil the thrill of this legendary circuit. And basically of F1.
Remember how safety measures killed the great old Hockenheimring? Nowadays a very clinical and boring track.

What bothers me about the incident though is that drivers were blasting flat out through the runoff area. The fatal collision even took place in the runoff area and that is crazy.

Take a moment and read's the history of Eau Rouge....I remember the temporary chicane installed halfway up the Eau Rouge hill after Senna's demise in 1994 (see pic #2 of 6) was pathetic....if the speeds are too high at Eau Rouge, perhaps the double apex decreasing radius turn at Pouhon (Turn 12) should be straightened EdM5 stated, the shunt that claimed Hubert occurred off-track....leading to the thought that if a car is nearly stopped in a runoff area, and another car enters the runoff area out of control....bad things are going to happen.
Thanks for the linked article, it was an interesting read. I never knew that Eau Rouge was so wide back in the day!