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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
looks great! where did you buy the panels and what's it made out of?
Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
The most similar thing I can find online would be this.

Although there is a Bed Bath and Beyond going out of business near me. I went in and asked what they were doing with their fixtures, ended up buying a whole wall of their industrial display boards. I also got a few boxes of all of the different attachments for hanging things like the baskets and whatnot. I got ~320 sq ft. of this and more hangers than I will ever use for under $200. All in all, quite the steal. I also have a 4'x8' board down over my workbench for most of my tools.
I used Gladiator Wall Track for mine. Not horribly expensive and it comes up on Amazon at a good price every now and then. Plus, you can get the 4ft sections from Lowes and Home Depot (as well as order the 8ft sections). There is a Garage Store kind of not horribly far from me that I can get them at, too. I had put up Gladiator stuff in my last garage and kept my cabinets so I'm baked into their mounting system.

I'd previously posted what I put up in the corner near the Moupe. This summer, I put some up by the other cars. I haven't gotten to completely organize things yet, though, and plan to order another small cabinet for near the Moupe. Al the shovels (so many shovels...more than shown here since the pix are old) and landscaping stuff are now hanging from the newer section.
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