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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
I like the cabinets a lot, I just couldn't justify paying that much more for some cabinets. Have sunk a lot of money into a brand new house already trying to get it all personalized... much more than I had expected to!

Even without the cabinets I am a big fan of the track wall already. It is a pretty robust storage solution!
I hear ya. I was already invested in the cabinets. No way was I going to leave those behind in my townhouse!

Yeah, it adds up quick! I've spent too much on tools and equipment that I didn't have before (table saw, router, etc...) so I can start doing more stuff myself (or at least do some things easier). I'm also going to play around with building some furniture myself. Lucky for me, I like simple and clean lines. Plus, wifey is on a kick for modern/rustic so any mistakes in finish will be labeled as 'rustic' by me. lol