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Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
I will base this on cases that have happened already, with tesla and uber, and my assumptions

If an accident or death occurs - blame the driver. They signed that they must be ready to take over at any time.
If someone spams in and make changes - no driving capabilities are accessible via remote systems only the local system. Use hackatons to prove it cant be done.
If fog in area - driver judgement call if safe, else take over.
If rain in area - driver judgement call if safe, else take over.
If sensor failure - critical sensor failure cause the system to stop, driver must take over

And I found out it is a fact that they want you to be alert, ready to assume control, make the judgement call to remove the control from the car to you, keep your eyes on the road and YOU are to blame for anything that happens .... WHY HAVE THE DAMN THING ... and be the one to pay for it ?

I believe it was three years ago, in Arizona, during a night test drive, a guy didn't have his eyes on the road, there was a thin layer of fog and the sensors could not see a person crossing the road and killed them. They are keeping the case quiet and were still in litigations the last I heard of it.