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How on earth can you stop a mechanically actuated hydraulic brakes from stopping. Only a few vehicles are pure brake-by-wire. You could potentially activate the brakes if such vehicle have adaptive cruise. I didn't know any 2010 Impala with such technology.

The only major concern I have with this type of electronic is the ability to turn off the vehicle at high speed. Such an occurrence can be done by the authorities asking OnStar to shut down your vehicle.

Additionally, you can be locked inside your vehicle in a late model Saab (before the company demise) if the alarm is activated. The locking mechanism, outside key tumbler and inside door handles are not connected! The vehicle under duress will lock itself, turn on the siren and leave anyone locked inside. Only a phone call to OnStar or if you have an actual electronic key fob could deactivate the alarm. Unlocking the outside key tumbler with an actual mechanical key does not deactivate the alarm nor does it unlock the vehicle. This is when you suspect your car has something to do with Skynet.