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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
There will come a time when automated driving will be mandatory.
Like in the movie I, Robot.

Drivers will learn to depend on extra sensors on their vehicle similar to what a pilot relies on IFR. Granted there's a hell of a lot of space between each plane and there's hardly any on coming traffic.

I can see this in the future: You are being fined $1000 for failure to update your navigation firmware!


In the headline: a senior citizen turned off his autonomous driving this morning causing multiple car accident when trying to merge into traffic. He is being charged with vehicular felony.
Lets face it though, we don't have the public transportation of Europe and other places, it was never designed into most cities and most places are just too far apart to make it practical (not everyone lives downtown). Being able to be mobile in your own car as you age and eventually get to the point where you can't drive will be a game-changer. My Dad is at that point and my Mom isn't far behind. Not having to go through that will be an amazing improvement to QOL.
I am all for the ability to have my car drive me places. I am 0% for people telling me I cant drive my own car.