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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
Not everyone buying a new car is being fiscally irresponsible. If one holds on to the car long term, this discussion about car depreciation doesn't really enter the picture.

For me I've purchased mostly new cars. I have purchased one used car. I know how I am. i don't change cars as I would my underwear. I make sure the vehicle I purchase is something I can live with long term. I've never dumped a car shortly after purchasing it because I can't stand driving it. One of the reasons I buy new is to eliminate the uncertainty of how the previous owner treated the car. There are no guarantees even with a PPI (although a PPI can minimize the risk.)
That's a nice story, but you're the outlier, by far. I shake my head at Dodge Journeys with paper plates and wonder what the rate and term are. The American auto makers are particularly bad - anyone above a 500 score can drive away with an Impala financed for 80 months at 22%.