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Originally Posted by fbsm View Post
I used to think that it might be beneficial to have more than 2 parties....then looked at how well it doesnt work for europeans and decided its much easier to hold politicians responsible/accountable within a 2 party system than the absolute and utter shit show that ensues from an EU like multi party system

I think as more people become aware of the criminal/corrupt activities of the dem party there will be considerably more division....and in all honesty I dont think thats a bad thing

You basically have three groups of people

Folks that want government to do something for them...up to and including stealing from others/subjugating others to accomplish it

Folks that are not paying attention at all and dont care unless something monumental figuratively burns the shit out of them

Folks that want to be free and want government the fuck out of their lives.

Not a new problem here in the US.....

I agree with most of this except for the bold part which of course harkens to your bias. Like the Democratic party is the only one corrupt and doing criminal shit. Lol. They're both as crooked as a hillbillies teeth.
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