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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Yep! There are also companies that do tours of places the film was filmed at - in and around Salzburg.

Another idea is do one of the Saltmine tours(Salzburgwerk) tours... they make you put on silly overalls and you ride a small 1/3 scale train deep into the saltmines... then you slide down these wooden ramps/slides miles under the salt. You will waste half a day - but its so much fun! They even take your picture as you go straight down those wooden slides.

We did that. I was really fun. We took a tour bus down and as I recall, it was pretty reasonable.

Our planned trip this time around will be part of the RS itinerary (Nurburgring/SPA/M-Festival) bracketed by 4 days in Munich in the beginning and 4 days at the end in Paris. We did consider trying to get into Belgium and/or London but as a previous poster said, stay in one place for a couple nights at least. We just started vacationing this way and it makes it so much more pleasant not having to move/travel every day or so.