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Originally Posted by CheshireCat View Post
So, you feel that God's purpose is to deceive us in what we believe? You think that God will make himself and his word so complicated to understand that we cant possibly lead a life worthy of his blessing?

My point is that you are reading too much into what the bible says. The bible has been manipulated and changed over the course of a couple thousand years so of course there will be discrepencies but I dont feel that is reason enough for me to stop having faith.

To me God is not something that you read about in a paperback book called the bible, qur'an, tora, etc. it is something that you feel in your soul, it is something that you believe to be true no matter how much doubt people want to instill in you. If at times I doubt the interpretations of God's word by my religious "elders" then I ask God to give me guidance in what to believe and what not to believe and I go from there.

OMG. You've just defined insanity. Oh, and I have a red dragon living in my garage...I believe it so it must be true. What is a soul? Please provide an accurate definition.

"A definition consists of the genus proximum (the family) of thing to which the defined thing belongs, and the differentia specifica (the distinguishing feature which marks it off from other members of the same family)."
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