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Originally Posted by See5 View Post
Itíll make the track numbers as well. The longer the track, the more difference youíll see vs the C7 Z51(which is still a pretty quick car in its own right). Complaining about tires sounds like sour grapes.
That is probably true. Grattan looks to be VERY twisty in most sections. The difference will likely be bigger at tracks like Laguna Seca (huge grip and power advantage) or Willow Springs (long straight, long LONG straights, and high speed sweepers). There's no doubt there will be tracks where the C8 advantage in having more mass on the drive wheels will shine.

I'm not complaining about the tires. I'm pointing out the obvious. That the 0.9 second difference for this track can easily be explained by the fact that the C8 comes with superior tires. Just like the GT2 RS times at the Nurburgring was established with Cup 2Rs or the Civic Si times at the Ring was on Cup 2 tires, or a slew of other track comparisons. You can't get PS4S from the factory on the C7, and that is as valid as any point about any comparison.

I've got no beef in this, besides the fact that I currently own a C7 Grand Sport. I'm about as objective as anyone you'll find on the intarweb, and slightly more knowledgeable than your average poster. That's all. The only thing I have an irrational love for is the BMW MZ4 Coupe.

But if I were to tell it like it is, I'm surprised that there's only a 0.9 second lap time difference, despite all the advantages moving to mid engine should have (better traction out of the corner, better/wider tires, etc). Not saying it should blow the C7 away with several second's worth of difference, and if it did, it would be REALLY impressive...But if GM's rationale for moving to a mid-engine platform was that the front engine Corvettes are no longer competitive on the circuit, based on these numbers...this move to mid engine seems to primarily benefit the straight-line performance, not the twisty stuff as we're all promised.

At this point there's nothing in the C8 that will make me want to eat 1.5 years of depreciation though, besides it's the newest and shiniest object in the automotive industry.
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