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Originally Posted by rikwynnpa View Post
You wont find much inventory of Z4s at dealers and few discounts. The car is built for BMW by Magna in Austria so BMW doesn't need to fill up a plant with lots of demand to make money. They want to make a certain margin on every Z4 or they wont build it. The other thing is Magna can make only so many Z4s and the car was really successful in Europe so fewer come here. I doubt that BMW even ships many Z4s to the northern US in winter. They just wont build them now and wait for demand to come in spring. Each dealer by me has 1 in stock max.
Thanks for the heads up. I get daily emails from and you're right they're not only very few but most are black which does not fare well in hot Texas.

I was/am hoping that lower demand going into winter might be in my favor. Will see.....

Couple of months ago a local dealer called me and said that a new build was soon arriving which met my specs regarding color and options. Offered $2,500 off MSRP. Maybe I should have taken it.