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Z4 Allocations

Originally Posted by TJR0323 View Post
I've been in the process of ordering a 2021 Z4 30i for about a month now. I thought x number of allocations per model were given to dealers on a monthly basis. I check with my salesperson each week her response is always "we're still waiting on an allocation from BMW and are not able to tell you when that might occur". I was not required to make a deposit at this point. Seems strange that with a willing buyer, checkbook in hand, they can't seem to get a car ordered. Maybe I don't fully understand the "allocation process".
I've run into the allocation issue recently with a request for quote from a dealership. The CA did a search and there were only 3 allocations for a Z4 sDrive30i nationwide! He did not have one and said he probably couldn't get me a deal because of the low allocations. He is noted for good internet pricing so that was a bit of a blow.

I've been thinking about it a while and I think I see the problem. North America is heading for winter and the Z4 is a soft-top! Not exactly a hot seller during the snowy months. The Southern Hemisphere (and BMW sells to a world market) is heading towards summer. Where would you allocate convertibles if you were in charge of sales? So I think the limited production of Z4s is headed south and we won't see many allocations in the States until spring-time.

Also, I'm not sure how the sales of the Supra are impacting BMW production allocations. If Supras are being ordered heavily I guess they would eat up spots on the assembly line. It's weird that BMW's Z4 sales could be reduced due to the success of the Supra, but it's a shared assembly line. I'd like to know how they negotiated who gets production slots - would be very interesting.

My 2 cents.