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Originally Posted by iqraceworks View Post
Nope......I don't need a bunch of strangers rubbing one off to sexy pictures of my wife. I don't need to show her off that bad.
Come on man. I'm not strange.

Originally Posted by Murf993 View Post
I have put a couple of pics of my wife on here in the past, she's a great looking woman IMHO who's closing in on 60 and lots of women in their 30's can't hold a candle to her, IMHO.
I feel the same about the girlfriend. When we go out, 20 year old females shoot her daggers. When I posted a pic of her here, Pickle thought she was 20 and accused me of lying.

BTW, what happened to pickle?
Originally Posted by jmg View Post
We're Americans. Leave your logic and science witchcraft out of this! Jesus and guns are all we need.