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Originally Posted by JasonCSU
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So much information o_o so what are the resorts like? We want to stay somewhere we can leave our room and go explore the area. Kinda of
Like going to the San Antonio river walk. And since you seem to know a lot. What would we buy to take there? Houston is hot and humid and the warmest thing I have is a hoodie.
Since your warmest article of clothing is a hoodie, I'm guessing that you are probably a beginner skier/snowboarder? Each of the resorts all have good ski schools with some easy terrain for beginners to learn on. Knowing that you want to explore the nearby area, I would narrow it down between Breckenridge and Vail. Breckenridge is a vibrant little ski town with loads of restaurants and bars and some decent night life. Depending where you stay, the main street is either a short walk or shuttle ride away. Breck is an old mining town, and the main street has a very Victorian look to it. Check it out here:

Vail has a large and very walkable base area that resembles European ski villages. It also has its own fair share of apres restaurants and bars, though will probably bit a little more expensive than Breck.

Regarding clothing, you will definitely want to pick up some snow pants, a ski jacket, gloves, warm socks, and some goggles (some places may rent goggles). Depending on the weather, some long underwear would be nice if it is really cold. I'd also recommend base layer clothing that wicks away sweat and moisture to help keep you dry (think Under Armour type clothing). Wherever you rent your skis/boards will supply the boots, and can also rent helmets, which I strongly recommend. Have fun planning the trip.
Thanks. I guess this trip might end up being more expensive then I thought. Better be worth it.
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