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Originally Posted by GeorgeA View Post
The quality and materials are really lacking for a car in that price range. Things tend to fall apart and whatís worse is dealing with Chevrolet dealer service which is probably the worst in the industry.

In a few years, those panels will be peeling and sagging.

Some people donít care about that, but there is a reason theyíre so cheap for the performance youíre getting. People who buy M cars are expecting a level of interior quality that the Chevy canít reach. My point is, the corvette might be faster with the right driver, but it comes at a cost that most of us arenít okay with. I try to love them since itís American and a great bargain but every time I sit and drive them, it leaves a lot to be desired vs a Porsche or BMW in that price range.

The c7 interior was leaps and bounds ahead of the c6. It was nice.
You guys that live in your little bmw bubble need to wake up.

My experience with chevy service was excellent, no issues. 1 dealer sucked major balls, but when i found the right one, i would have zero issues referring anyone there.
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