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Originally Posted by grimlock View Post
you guys have weird logic..
haha word.

@Nemesisx to answer your questions: the reasons some shoes cost much more than others has an answer that I'm sure you're already know the answer to.

You got white Puma's for $30 and you see other sport shoes for $175. The difference you ask? Well, have you seen a T-Shirt at Target for $10 and then seen a T-Shirt at Givenchy for $300? Same item different brand.

To answer your 2nd question, Jordans are a good investment if you are able to get what is considered "heat" which is the most limited shoes. I can go into way more detail, but it is somewhat a luck of the draw based on the raffles implemented for these shoe releases.

GiveEmTheDD can tell you how profitable it has been for him I'm sure.